Lowther Athletic Therapy Solutions

Business Description

Stephanie Lowther is a Certified Athletic Therapist proudly providing athletic therapy services to Renfrew County, with clinical and sporting event coverage.

Athletic therapy is a specialized orthopaedic healthcare profession focused on preventing, assessing, and treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions in active individuals and athletes. Athletic Therapists utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques to get you back to your active life, including joint mobilization, manual therapy, modalities, home exercise plan, and education!

Common injuries Athletic Therapists can help you with:
- Ligament sprains & muscle strains
- Fractures
- Concussion & Whiplash
- Vertigo
- Back & neck pain (disc injuries, Sciatica)
- Tennis elbow & golfer’s elbow
- Work-related pain & injuries
- Pre & post surgical rehabilitation
- Sports injuries
- Shoulder, knee, ankle & foot conditions
- And more!

Services offered:
Initial Assessment
Follow-up Treatment
Compression socks (fitting and orders)
Rehabilitative exercise equipment (resistance bands, muscle release lacrosse balls)
Tape application (white trainers tape, kinesiology tape)
Ambulation device fitting

Street Address
4 Bank Street South
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Stephanie Lowther
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