Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy

Business Name: Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy
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Our Services
We are proud to offer our patients a broad range of services to address a wide variety of physical injuries, conditions and aliments including:


Sports Injury
Work Related Injury
Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Home Care
CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation
Work Hardening
Pregnancy – Pre & Post Birth
Pelvic Floor Health – Men & Women

Massage Therapy

Sports Medicine
Custom Orthotics
Custom Bracing (ACL, OA)
Customized Fitness Programs
Industrial Prevention and Education
Full complement of

orthopaedic appliances

Our Methods or Modalities
Each patient is a unique individual with unique challenges. Following a thorough and comprehensive evaluation, we create custom treatment plans utilizing a variety of treatment methods or modalities including:

Joint mobilisation
Passive stretching
Soft tissue manipulation
Strengthening exercises
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Low Level Laser Therapy
Interferrential Current Therapy (IFC)
Hyper or Hypothermy therapy
Muscle stimulation or Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
Transcutaneous-Electrical-Nerve-Stimulation (TENS)

Note: Fees for each visit are not based on time. This allows us to give you the treatment you need and deserve and allows you to perform exercises or others at your own pace.
To learn more about how you can access and benefit from our services, please contact us today!

Street Address: 510 Raglan Street North
City: Renfrew
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: K7V 1P6
Contact Name: Patrick Cayen
Phone Number: 613-432-9088
Fax Number: 613-432-9388
Website Address:
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